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Definitely one of the best tasting, easiest to make bruschetta appetizers you're going to find. Make sure to get the freshest ingredients possible! You can prepare the bruschetta mix a day or two in advance to save time when needed!
shuck oysters properly

How To Shuck Oysters

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A quick and easy video demonstrating how to Shuck Oysters. Proper technique is key when opening oysters. The trick isn’t a lot of force (which can cause you… Read More »

epic wings

Epic Smoked Wings

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Wings with a twist! Smoked wings are a great change, and absolutely delicious.
part a chicken

How To Part A Chicken

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Chickens aren’t that expensive to buy whole, and they do go on sale a lot. When you buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts, you’re paying a premium to have… Read More »

epic wings

Tips on throwing your Superbowl Party

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Debating if you should throw a Superbowl Party? Not completely sure what’s involved? Here is a quick, easy to follow guide that will give you a quick rundown… Read More »

10 Minute Meal – Steak & Mushrooms with Green Beans

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A quick and delicious, easy meal to make on a weeknight
Make your own popcorn


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How to make your own popcorn on your stove.
seafood display

What’s it like actually working in a restaurant? (Part 2)

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Wondering what its like to work as a cook in a restaurant? Start with Part One of this article 5. You won’t be rich tomorrow As with any… Read More »

whats i like working in a restaurant

What’s it like actually working in a restaurant? (Part 1)

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Have you ever thought: I like to cook, should I consider working in a restaurant as a cook? Do cooks get paid a lot of money? Is there… Read More »

steakhouse style steak

Cook a “Steakhouse” Steak at Home

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This video will show you how to properly cook a steak, and get you the closest results to a real steakhouse.