Stop using your microwave! This is an easy way to make popcorn using your own stove.

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  • How to make your own popcorn on your stove.
Prep Time Cook Time
1minutes 3minutes


  • 3-5TablespoonsOlive Oil Cover bottom of pot lightly
  • 1servingPopcorn Cover bottom of pot at most


  1. Put your pot on Hight. Make sure it has a lid!
  2. Lightly cover the bottom of the pot with olive oil
  3. Pour in your popcorn kernels. At most, you want the bottom of the pot covered, not more. If you have more, do it in more than one batch
  4. Keep the kernels moving. Add salt.
  5. Once the first kernels start to pop, turn the heat down to medium. Make sure you have the lid on, but keep a bit of a gap so the condensation doesn't build up and make your popcorn soggy
  6. Once the popping has stopped, dump into a bowl, and drizzle with any topping you want (butter, etc). Enjoy!

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