Debating if you should throw a Superbowl Party? Not completely sure what’s involved? Here is a quick, easy to follow guide that will give you a quick rundown of what to expect, and what you should (and shouldn’t) do to make sure your party goes down without any issues.

Invite whoever you want! Do keep in mind how big your space is though. If you’re living in a 700 square foot condo, you may not want to invite 30 people.

Kind of obvious, but make sure you have one.. Or Two!… or… Three! When I’ve had 15-20 people over for Superbowl, I’ve actually had people bring over extra TV’s and set them up in different rooms, so you never miss any of the game.

Keep Everyone Interested:
Superbowl is a social event. Remember not everyone at your party will be there to watch the game! There may be a lot of people whose significant others are just there to be with their partners. How do you keep them interested?

Here’s a quick “Superbowl Pool”, (for this example, lets assume 10 people)

superbowl pool

Example of how to set up a pool

1. Get a large piece of paper, and make a grid. 10×10. (its always 10×10 regardless of number of people)
2. Sell every square on the board. $1 each. When you buy a square, write you initials in it.
3. You now have 100 initials on a board, and $100 (assume $10 per person, everyone with 10 squares each to be fair)
4. Now roll dice. The numbers from 0-9 will be placed randomly across the TOP. Keep rolling until all the numbers are written in.
5. Do the exact same for the LEFT SIDE
6. You now have numbers 0-9 (in a random order determined by rolling dice) across the TOP, and the LEFT SIDE of the grid.
7. Put both team names in a hat. Have someone draw a name out.
8. The first team name pulled is written above the TOP of the board.
9. The other team name is written to the left of the LEFT of the board.

That is your setup. Payouts work as follows:
End of Quarter 1 – $15
End of Quarter 2 – $20
End of Quarter 3 – $15
End of Game      – $50

The winner is determined based on the score, using the last digit. For example, in the image shown, its Colts and Bears. If the score was 15 – 10 for the Colts at the end of the first quarter, you would use the 5 on the Colts side, and 0 on the Bears side. The winner would be Jeremy W CA. If the score doesn’t change for the 2nd quarter, Jeremy W CA would win again. Continue this throughout the game. This will keep some of the people less interested in football, more interested what happens during the Superbowl!

Food:Amazing Chili
With the endless options available, it might be a bit difficult to decide. Usually during a party I’m doing, I’ll have finger foods and appetizers available before the game. Chips, Nachos & Dip, Veggies & Dip (if you’re into that), Spinach Dip, Chicken Wings etc. When the 2nd quarter starts, get your chill heating up on the stove slowly so its ready to go for Halftime! This would be a good time to get any food into the oven as well, either to heat up or cook. I’ve had people bring frozen pizzas, frozen sausage rolls etc, this is the time to get them going!
Don’t be shy to ask people to help out either! Ask a friend “Hey can you bring a few bottles of pop?” “Hey, mind bringing a salad or two?”. This will take the pressure off you, and you can focus on one or two items! Its very likely someone will have an ‘amazing chili’ of their own they want to bring as well, just ask! You can use Saturday afternoon before Superbowl Sunday to prep and cook some of your main food items as well!

Get paper plates, bowls, and plastic cups.
Get paper plates, bowls, and plastic cups.
Yes, I said it twice! (Who has 20 bowls anyway..?). This way, cleanup is as easy as possible, and people aren’t as awkward with their dishes afterwards, wondering if they should “rinse their plate” or where to put it. Just have a large garbage bag in the kitchen, no one will have a problem.

epic wings

Lay out platters of food for people to pick from.

Don’t feel like you have to serve anyone either. Put out the appetizers on platters, and leave them on tables. Consider your whole place a large buffet. People will be up and socializing anyway – let them get their own food, pop, beers, etc.

Ice will go quickly, so it might help to stock up before hand. If you live somewhere cold, let everyone put their beer outside to keep cool. If this doesn’t work, consider clearing out a lot of room the the refrigerator before hand so people can keep their beers/coolers cold. Another option is setup some coolers that only have ice in them. When people show up, tell them to throw their drinks in the coolers.

Washroom and Smoking
Have your washroom stocked with anything/everything it will need, as it will see more traffic that usual. There will likely be people who want to have a smoke (cigars, cigarettes, etc) during the game. If you don’t want anyone smoking inside, let them know where to go to have a smoke when they arrive. Set up an ashtray for cigarette butts/ash before hand so you don’t have to worry about it on Sunday!

Finally, Enjoy the game! Its more enjoyable for everyone when they see the host having a good time. Its uncomfortable when guests see you running around trying to ‘please them’ or making sure ‘everyone has what they need’.